Реt Shор Воys - Suреr Нits Соllесtiоn (2014) МР3

103 / 5

syntpop, pop, electro-pop, dance

Название: Suреr Нits Соllесtiоn

Исполнитель: Реt Shор Воys

Год: 2014

Жанр: Syntрор, Рор, Еlесtrо-рор, Dаnсе

Продолжительность: 01:36:43

Формат/Кодек: МР3

Битрейт аудио: 320 kbрs


01. Always On My Mind
02. Go West
03. It's A Sin
04. Rent
05. Suburbia
06. So Hard
07. Footsteps
08. I Want A Lover
09. Was It Worth It
10. Tonight Is Forever
11. Left to My Own Devices
12. Paninaro
13. Being Boring
14. It's Alright
15. Why Don't We Live Together
16. Domino Dancing
17. Heart
18. What Have I Done to Deserve This
19. You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk
20. Opportunities (let's make lots of money)

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 attach_file17. Heart.mp3 (10 MB)
 attach_file12. Paninaro.mp3 (10 MB)
 attach_file08. I Want A Lover.mp3 (9.9 MB)
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 attach_file20. Opportunities (let's make lots of money).mp3 (8.7 MB)
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 attach_file19. You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk.mp3 (7.8 MB)

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Далеко не полная подборка хитов. Навскидку несколько композиций из многих, которые заслуживали бы дополнить этот список - The Way It Used To Be, Vulnerable, All Over The World, Love Etc, Jealousy.